Youth are the future of society. Serteens are young men and women, ages 11 to 19, who are interested in the world around them and who are motivated to improve their world through SERvice TO MAnkind.  The Serteen program is a great avenue for teens to identify and contribute to community needs.

Round Rock Sertoma has four Serteen Chapters:

Round Rock High School: ZOI Ora Filos Serteen

ZOI ORA FILOS is a Round Rock Sertoma Serteen group that consists of young women currently attending Round Rock High School. ZOI was founded in 1990, and has continued to work with smiling faces and happy hearts in our community for many years. ZOI’s volunteer experiences within the city include the Round Rock Serving Center, Heroes Night Out, Ronald McDonald House, Backpack Coalition, Texas Baptist Children’s Home, Round Rock Parks and Recreation, Special Olympics, and many more.

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McNeil High School :  SertoMAVS Serteen

SertoMAVS Serteens was formed in 2016 at McNeil High School in Round Rock, Texas. Our SertoMAVS are a co-ed club that participates in many different projects within their school and the greater Round Rock community.  Some of their projects include food drives for the Round Rock Serving Center,  Hike for Hunger, Texas Baptist Children’s Home, Ronald McDonald House, Sertoma Christmas Tree sales, and Trunk-or-Treat.

Cedar Ridge High School: ROZVI Serteen

Rozvi de Srdce (ROZVI) was formed 2010 and is our co-ed Serteen club at Cedar Ridge High School. ROZVI is a vibrant and energetic group of 60+ students who make their school and community better by helping others.  This Serteen club works on numerous projects both inside Cedar Ridge High School and in the greater Round Rock community.  ROZVI volunteers with Christ Child Society, Texas Baptist Children’s Home, Round Rock Sertoma Christmas Tree sales, Round Rock Sertoma Duck sales, and many other charitable events.

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Snapchat: crhs_rozvi

Instagram: @crhsrozvi

Twitter: @crhsrozvi


CD Fulkes Middle School: Caring Serteens

Caring Serteens began in the 1980s and is a co-ed after school club who strive to help the community in which they live. This club consists of a group of sincere, selfless and hard working middle school students who are aware that there are people who need help in a variety of ways and in various situations. These Serteens are energetic and a wonderful self-starting group of young people. Members generate ideas to help raise funds solely for the purpose of making the lives of others better.

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