Jul 152014


 Pictured: Karl Hanner giving check for $750 to Jan Hunter (CFO of YMCA).

 Tiger Hanner’s adopted UT duck that placed 3rd in Celebriduck race this year.  Tiger is the son of long-time Sertoman Karl Hanner.  He gave the $750 prize to the YMCA of Greater Williamson County.  Congratulations to all!

Jul 112014

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The person selected for the 2014 Sertoman of the Year Award is a very special person. The efforts of this person as a remarkable employer, supportive community member, and strong Sertoma leader make this person a perfect selection for Sertoman of the Year.

In the past this person owned a small business for 15 years. As an employer there were many challenges of being both a good mentor and a trainer. Most of the staff were young students which meant there was a high turnover and employees lacked work experience.

For many of them, it was their first job, so they had a lot to learn about responsibility, customer service, and skills specific to their position as well as people skills.

To help these employees be as successful in their job as they could be, this person counselled these young people and was the model of professionalism that each sought to become. The employees learned structure and respect, along with their job-specific duties.

Having employed over 300 new workers during the span of ownership, this person was able to watch the young people grow, be successful, and move on to better things—be that a military career, college, or even owning a successful personal business.

This person serves as a baseball umpire and works extremely long hours every weekend making sure the game runs smoothly at youth baseball tournaments in central Texas.

This person also mentors and trains new umpires, and provides evaluations that determine whether or not the new umpires are able to properly conduct tournament baseball games.

But it doesn’t stop there …

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Jul 082014


Rick Atkins, Director of City of Round Rock Parks and Recreations Department, visited Sertoma and gave a great talk, updating the group on many topics, including the rebuilding of the Rabb House, a historical landmark that was damaged in a flood three ago and will be reopening this Saturday.  The restored Rabb House is a beautiful venue for weddings, family reunions and similar gatherings.  Mr. Atkins also talked about a plan to expand the Chislhom Trail park area into a “Round Rock version of San Antonio’s Riverwalk”.  Mr. Atkins also mentioned the proposed expansion of the Rock ‘n River aquatic complex to compete against Pflugerville’s new Hawaiian Falls water park, adding more slides and an adult’s only area with a swim-up bar.

Jul 012014



A parade down Main Street, jalapeno pepper eating contest sponsored by Randalls, Sam Bass Shootout, carnival rides, Sertoma Rubber Duck races, skydivers and fireworks sponsored by HEB are all part of the City of Round Rock’s July Fourth Frontier Days Celebration and Parade.

Along with help from Round Rock Sertoma Club, who are spearheading the parade, the City of Round Rock and Frontier Days Team have scheduled a day of fun for the entire family.

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Jun 052014

2014-06-05 10_19_09-Downloads

Chad McKenzie, General manager of the new Round Rock Sports Center, gave a lively presentation Tuesday.  The Round Rock Sports Center is a great addition to Round Rock, the Sports Capitol of Texas!  It boasts 83,000 total square feet, 6 HS basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts, 3 NCAA courts and 30-foot ceilings, with a seating capacity of 1,200.  Check out the presentation below.

RR Sertoma Club Presentation

May 142014

May 13, 2014 – Round Rock, TX

Paul Hansen, Founder of Flying Vikings

Paul Hansen, Founder of Flying Vikings

Paul Hansen, retired Marine Corps pilot, returned to visit us at SERTOMA, again. He shared great news about the growth of his non-profit organization, “Flying Vikings”.

Over 200 pilots, nationwide, take terminally ill, seriously ill, and handicapped children up for a flight. They let them grab the stick and fly the plane themselves. Then, they get their wings when they get back to earth.

It’s an amazing experience that has had a big impact on thousands of families. The whole extended family and often even friends and neighbors get involved.

Thank you, Paul, for all that you do, and for allowing Round Rock SERTOMA to support you in various ways. It truly blesses all of us.

Apr 152014
Since 2001, The Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation has held 54 mission events in the State of Texas, providing 29,193 patients with a total of $14,930,361 in dental care. This year starting on July 31 with set-up and treatment to follow on August 1 and 2, Williamson County will host its sixth event [the most of any other
county] .
The charitable arm of the Texas Dental Foundation oversees the steering committee but the committee decides the way the patients get seen. We provide a “M*A*S*H” type care that includes exams, cleanings, fillings, extraction , limited root canals, limited removable appliances [anterior only] and x-rays. We plan on treating 1000 patients in 40 portable units and three mobile vans.

We will need to raise $65000 to provide upwards of $700000 in care thats $10 of care for each dollar donated. We will need 700 to 800 volunteers to make it run smoothly. To sign up and get more information go to http://www.tdasf.org

Mar 102014

Project Care Case Jump Starts a New Duck Race Season

Project Care Case Volunteers Selling Duck Adoptions!Austin, TX, March 8, 2014 – Connie Bellows, Project Care Case founder, along with several, wonderful kids (several not pictured here unfortunately), got the 2014 Round Rock SERTOMA Annual Rubber Duck Race off to a great start this past Saturday!   In spite of rain and generally yucky weather, she and her team sold 111 ducks at the Wal-Mart near Concordia College and 4-Points off of Hwy 620.

Other teams were out as well, quacking their plastic quackers, and reaching out for support from those coming by.

As always, 60% of the proceeds go to Dell Children’s Hospital (DHC) with a small portion of that going to the affiliated Ronald McDonald House, and the other 40% goes to the charitable group that helps the cause.  So, by adopting these ducks you help DHC, Ronald McDonald House, and, in this case, Project Care Case.

Project Care Case (PCC) provides a vital ministry and service to foster-home children.  Many move from one foster-home to the next.  They do not have a sense of belonging anywhere, nor having anything that truly belongs to them.

PCC helps these young people in insightful ways, designed by adults who themselves went through the system.

Many other groups support SERTOMA in this vital community service, including but not limited to High School athletic and band boosterImage of Duck Sponsorship Website clubs and church youth groups.

You can adopt a duck online by clicking >>HERE<< and following the instructions.  If you want to also support one of our affiliate non-profit groups, pick them from the list of affiliates at the bottom of the page.


Feb 242014

Pho Mandell

February 11, 2014 by  Kent Macauley

Dr. Michelle Pho and Elizabeth Mandell from the Audiology Department at Dell Childrens Medical Center spoke on Hearing loss in a pediatric population and the importance of early detection and intervention.

They reported that 14.9% of new born have a mild hearing loss in one ear . Universal newborn hearing testing is so important because it is difficult to detect and it can delay or impair speech and language development. Hearing loss can lead to social and emotional problems and underachievement and academic failure.  Early detection should ideally be done before six months of age.  Dell is the outpatient follow up if the newborn fails.  They will follow from birth to 18 yrs.  Dell does behavioral audiometry, Supplemental physiological testing, physiological audiometry, and auditory brain stem response.  ABR testing is done during sleep or anesthesia to detect brain stem response.  Last year, 345 ABR tests were done 209 were normal, one quarter were detected as a bi lateral or unilateral loss so 23% were a first time detection.  A pending purchase is for a Interaccustics Titan that will allow them to better detect temporary loss.  Sertoma has helped them by getting good equipment.