Apr 152014
Since 2001, The Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation has held 54 mission events in the State of Texas, providing 29,193 patients with a total of $14,930,361 in dental care. This year starting on July 31 with set-up and treatment to follow on August 1 and 2, Williamson County will host its sixth event [the most of any other
county] .
The charitable arm of the Texas Dental Foundation oversees the steering committee but the committee decides the way the patients get seen. We provide a “M*A*S*H” type care that includes exams, cleanings, fillings, extraction , limited root canals, limited removable appliances [anterior only] and x-rays. We plan on treating 1000 patients in 40 portable units and three mobile vans.

We will need to raise $65000 to provide upwards of $700000 in care thats $10 of care for each dollar donated. We will need 700 to 800 volunteers to make it run smoothly. To sign up and get more information go to http://www.tdasf.org

Mar 102014

Project Care Case Jump Starts a New Duck Race Season

Project Care Case Volunteers Selling Duck Adoptions!Austin, TX, March 8, 2014 – Connie Bellows, Project Care Case founder, along with several, wonderful kids (several not pictured here unfortunately), got the 2014 Round Rock SERTOMA Annual Rubber Duck Race off to a great start this past Saturday!   In spite of rain and generally yucky weather, she and her team sold 111 ducks at the Wal-Mart near Concordia College and 4-Points off of Hwy 620.

Other teams were out as well, quacking their plastic quackers, and reaching out for support from those coming by.

As always, 60% of the proceeds go to Dell Children’s Hospital (DHC) with a small portion of that going to the affiliated Ronald McDonald House, and the other 40% goes to the charitable group that helps the cause.  So, by adopting these ducks you help DHC, Ronald McDonald House, and, in this case, Project Care Case.

Project Care Case (PCC) provides a vital ministry and service to foster-home children.  Many move from one foster-home to the next.  They do not have a sense of belonging anywhere, nor having anything that truly belongs to them.

PCC helps these young people in insightful ways, designed by adults who themselves went through the system.

Many other groups support SERTOMA in this vital community service, including but not limited to High School athletic and band boosterImage of Duck Sponsorship Website clubs and church youth groups.

You can adopt a duck online by clicking >>HERE<< and following the instructions.  If you want to also support one of our affiliate non-profit groups, pick them from the list of affiliates at the bottom of the page.


Feb 242014

Pho Mandell

February 11, 2014 by  Kent Macauley

Dr. Michelle Pho and Elizabeth Mandell from the Audiology Department at Dell Childrens Medical Center spoke on Hearing loss in a pediatric population and the importance of early detection and intervention.

They reported that 14.9% of new born have a mild hearing loss in one ear . Universal newborn hearing testing is so important because it is difficult to detect and it can delay or impair speech and language development. Hearing loss can lead to social and emotional problems and underachievement and academic failure.  Early detection should ideally be done before six months of age.  Dell is the outpatient follow up if the newborn fails.  They will follow from birth to 18 yrs.  Dell does behavioral audiometry, Supplemental physiological testing, physiological audiometry, and auditory brain stem response.  ABR testing is done during sleep or anesthesia to detect brain stem response.  Last year, 345 ABR tests were done 209 were normal, one quarter were detected as a bi lateral or unilateral loss so 23% were a first time detection.  A pending purchase is for a Interaccustics Titan that will allow them to better detect temporary loss.  Sertoma has helped them by getting good equipment.

Feb 242014

RR Police

February 4, 2014 by  Kent Macauley

Officer Vinnie Cherone of the Round Rock Police Department Spoke about the Blue Santa program that Sertoma supports with proceeds from Texas Hold Em and the Casino Night . It was started in 1978 and has grown to serve 500 families this year and has a budget of $50K . Sertoma is the largest donor.

He has a goal of having a multipurpose building that would allow Blue Santa to use it for the six weeks up to the delivery date. Every family gets a $25.00 gift card, kids 0-10 years old get three toys, and kids 10-13 get a $15.00 gift card.

They will hold a BBQ cook off  on April 12 at the Dell Diamond and will need judges at 11:00 am  It was noted that Just Because served 584 families and 100 displaced teens and 100 cancer patients this year .

Feb 242014

Will Williams was recently interviewed by Dr. Mara Karpel on her radio program, Your Golden Years.

MSG-Will-William-2-2-2014 (1)

From Dr. Mara’s website, www.DrMaraKarpel.com:

Retired veteran, MSG Will Williams, joined us in our “studio” to talk about the various organizations that he is involved with.   Will has won several awards for his work in helping hearing impaired children, through Sertoma, a national organization, whose mission is “To improve the quality of life today for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support.”  You can find out more about volunteering with Sertoma in your area by going to:  www.sertoma.org or by clicking on this link:  http://www.sertoma.org/page.aspx?pid=551.  Will is also very involved in a project to raise $1 million to supply clean water to children in Africa.  You can find out more about how to join in with this effort by calling Will:  512-468-8248.  MSG Williams also spoke about a center in Cedar Park, TX, where veterans can come in for free counseling with professional counselors or peer support from veterans like himself (http://heroesnightout.org) and about Blue Star Mothers, a group of mothers of soldiers helping the families of fallen soldiers (http://www.bluestarmothers.org).   – See more at: http://www.drmarakarpel.com/feb-2-2014-become-the-star-of-your-own-story-kathy-sparrow-director-lannie-hilboldt-msg-will-williams-optimism-for-health/#sthash.sNvsNDnr.dpuf

Click below to listen to Will’s interview

Feb 052014

Please Note: This Article is a reprint from the Round Rock Leader from December 19, 2010.   We thought we would re-post it to honor the memory of our very missed, late fellow Sertoma member, Bill Buckler.  

Friends Remember Community Stalwart, Bill Buckler

by Lauri Zachry, Education Reporter, Round Rock Leader

Billl Buckler

Bill Buckler’s finger-prints can be seen in several things in Round Rock – from his involvement in the city’s Sertoma Club to his woodcarving creations.

Buckler died this week due to complications associated with Stage 4 renal cell carcinoma. He was 66.

Although Buckler served in leadership positions in the Round Rock Sertoma service organization such as president and treasurer and even coordinated Round Rock’s Frontier Days parade each Fourth of July, he valued being behind the scenes most of all, Round Rock City Councilman Rufus Honeycutt said. Honeycutt really got to know Buckler through both of their involvements in Sertoma. Honeycutt first met Buckler when he moved to Round Rock in 1993.

“Bill was a giver and a civic person until the end,” Honeycutt said. “Bill was a private individual and it was hard to give anything to him if you want to give to him in return. You couldn’t take him out to lunch or dinner and expect to pay yourself.”

Buckler’s favorite experiences with Sertoma were service projects in which he could construct such as helping to rebuild the city’s battered women’s shelter 15 years ago, making display cases for Sertoma conventions and helping at the Sertoma tree lot.

“He really loved that tree lot and working at that tree lot,” Honeycutt said.

Rodger Tully, Buckler’s best friend, was so close to Buckler that his children called him Uncle Bill. Tully and Buckler met in U.S. Air Force and have been best friends for over 45 years. Both Tully and Buckler attended Eastern Kentucky University. While Tully took the engineering tract in his career, Buckler graduated with a bachelor of arts in art and planned on having a career teaching that specialty, Tully said.

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Jan 172014

Tis past the season, but this heart warming testimonial came our way from Chandra Vaughn, and we thought we’d share.  Chandra Vaughn standing by her car after purchasing a SERTOMA Christmas tree

One of my family’s Christmas traditions when I was a child was to have a live tree. My parents moved from Austin to the Taylor/Granger in 1977.  Every year we would visit the Optimist Christmas Tree lot on the corner of Main Street and Lake Drive in Taylor to select a tree.  Christmas of 1988 we drove over to the Optimist lot to discover it was no longer.
My mother came home the next evening and let us know she had spotted a Christmas tree lot in Round Rock while on her way home.  We loaded up in the family vehicle and headed over to find our perfect tree and to start our new tradition with the Sertoma Club.  
I left home in 1994 when I married and started my own family, but my little family has continued the tradition of selecting a tree from the Sertoma Club Christmas Tree lot every year since.  We have lived in Georgetown, Granger, Taylor, Hutto and now Round Rock and will gladly drive from wherever we live to come support your outstanding organization.  Thank you for all the beautiful trees and wonderful memories over the years, Sertoma Club!  
~ Chandra (Lathan) Vaughan
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Jan 162014

2014-01-16 15_02_36-Chisholm Trail Insurance

The Special Olympics Winter Games need help and the ZOI Ora Filos Serteens are volunteering.  The Special Olympics Winter Games are coming to Austin January 31-February 2nd….care to volunteer? Lots of cool opportunities…Volleyball, Bowling, Powerlifting, and the Athlete Village. Sign up here:


Dec 112013



December 10, 2013 by  Kent Macauley and Ken Baumbach

We had the honor of having one of the approximately 300 remaining Tuskegee Airman, Captain William Graves, speak to our club and the ZOI and ROSVI groups.

Capt. Graves graduated from high school in 1943 with an interest in commercial art and newspaper advertising.  He registered for the draft in October 1943 and was drafted in December 1943 and was sent to San Angelo to become a bombardier and also learned weather and navigation flying a B-25.  He became a flight officer at the age of 19. During the war he was in the Army Air Corp and he rejoined the Air Force and spent 26 years on active duty and two years in the reserve and is now 88 years old.


He talked about the movie Red Tails and described how the fighters bullets were loaded with a sequence of two armor piercing one incendiary and one tracer.  The way the Tuskegee Airman were named happened after the war.  The Germans were prevented in 1918 from having an Air Force so they started glider clubs that allowed skills to remain active.  Roosevelt saw this and followed suit by starting flying schools in American colleges.  They contracted the mostly black college at Tuskegee, Alabama to train new pilots.

More info about the Tuskegee Airmen can be found at http://acepilots.com/usaaf_tusk.html