Mar 292015


At the March 24 meeting, David Hulama, owner and brewmaster of Bluebonnet Beer based in Round Rock spoke to the membership about his brand of craft beers and what is happening in the industry in Austin and throughout Texas.

Craft beer sites are booming in the Austin area with 28 businesses currently open and another 29 are in the works. The number of craft beer establishments was popular during the 1880s and declined as a result of Prohibition but began making a comeback in the 1980s and has spiked since 2000. Craft beers comprise 17.2 percent of all alcohol based sales in the U.S.

He sells Cream Ale which has a low bitterness level light mouthfeel and crisp finish, this beer pairs well with just about any dish and has 6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

His Texas Pecan Brown Ale is a brown, malty, rich ale with just enough bitterness to balance the flavors of caramel and chocolate and crafted with Texas pecans to yield a subtle nuttiness. It has 6 percent ABV.

Another craft beer sold is the American Amber Ale, which is a  non-traditional American amber with a large dose of late hops in the kettle results in a strong hop aroma and flavor profile supported by a firm, malty backbone. It has a 6.5% ABV.

The fourth craft beer offered by Bluebonnet Beer is the American IPA. It is loaded with premium American hops, with citrus and piney notes. The clean, dry finish leaves you with a pleasantly smooth bitterness. This craft beer has 7 percent ABV.

The tasting room is open every Friday and Saturday, from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. There are a variety of food vendor trucks onsite to mix with the tasty beer. The Bluebonnet Beer Company is located as 1700 Bryant Drive, #107, Round Rock.

Mar 112015

On February 2, Brigadier General Pat Hamilton, based at Camp Mabry in Austin, came to the Sertoma Club to address what the Texas National Guard is doing since it has become very active along the Texas-Mexico border, as ordered by Governor Rick Perry – a year ago.

General Hamilton has been deployed three times overseas and the last time was to Afghanistan in 2008-2009.

He indicated that the Texas National Guard is 15,000 strong and it is complimented by 3,200 members Texas Air National Guard, 2,500 member Texas State Guard, and a 5,100 member Domestic Operations Task Force.

The Air National Guard has unit in San Antonio and predator units in Houston as well as the 136th Airlift Wing.

There are 32 other states that are similar to the Texas State Guard in how they are structured. The Texas State Guard is responsible for shelter provisions, evacuations, hurricane response, search and rescue and are trained by the Red Cross.

The Domestic Operations Task Force’s focus is on nuclear and chemical responses and providing for a border response.

The Texas Army National Guard has responded to the border crisis and elsewhere by logging more than 30,000 hours per year of service, manning a rough and rugged terrain along the border, has responded to 33 storms and 36 floods and has fought several wildfires.

As to why the Army National Guard is on the border, it is not why many people say – to handle immigration matters but rather to slow and stop where possible the infiltration of drugs from Mexico/Latin America, human smuggling, sex trafficking and many other crime related activities.

The drug cartels no longer just peddle drug but are also into: smuggling weapons, kidnapping and smuggling people. Over the last 6 years, the number of people involved in these criminal activities is high. People involved in these criminal enterprises have a high recidivism rate. There were more than 207,000 such people along the border who were booked into jail for violent crimes which included 3,089 people killed by criminal aliens. There were also more than 6,000 assaults on citizens by criminal aliens.

There are currently 1,000 Army National Guard along the border which are working with the local police and sheriff departments, manning site systems and flying nine aircraft in the Rio Grande Valley area during night time hours.

Mar 112015

On February 16, Diana Phillips, Executive Director of the Williamson-Burnet County Opportunities Inc. addressed Sertoma.  The Williamson-Burnet County Opportunities Inc. was established in 1966 as the areas official Community Action Agency. The organization is a private, non-profit corporation governed by elected officials, community leaders and target area representatives.

Throughout its history, WBC Opportunities has administered a wide range of social service and economic opportunity programs benefiting many thousands of low and moderate income persons. Current programs include Head Start, Senior Nutrition (including Meals on Wheels), Emergency Assistance and Affordable Housing. WBC Opportunities has an annual operating budget of over $8 million and a staff of more than 220.

WBC Opportunities serves thousands of people annually in both counties. Working cooperatively with other agencies, it is an advocate for those who might not otherwise have a voice in the community in which they live. The Board and staff are dedicated to providing services to help those in need achieve a better, more productive life.

How Can you Help               

Volunteers are needed and appreciated for all WBC Opportunities’ programs. 

All volunteers must consent to a background check.

Volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels

Program Purpose      

Provide hot-home delivered meals, five days a week to those who, due to illness, age, or disability are unable to provide proper nutrition for themselves

Enable the homebound to live independently as long as possible

Relieve the isolation and loneliness of the homebound.

Volunteer Description        

Deliver meals one or more days per week

Routes are 30 miles or less

Routes vary in time from 45 to 75 minutes

Deliveries start at about 10:00 am.

Benefits to Seniors    

Hot noon meal                Monday-Friday

Daily contact with a caring volunteer

Benefits to Volunteers  

Knowing that you are giving to the community

Getting to know wonderful individuals

Companies are invited to volunteer.  Covering one route a week would mean only four employees a month would have to deliver the meals.

Call your local site leader or 512-763-1400 to ask about
volunteer opportunities or go to

Mar 112015

On March 2, Barbara Forby, President of The Christ Child Society Chapter of the Texas Capital Area of Austin spoke to Sertoma.

The Christ Child Society is a Catholic non-profit organization open to members of all faiths. The purpose of the organization is to demonstrate the love for the Christ Child as expressed in fellowship and service to our community’s youth who are most in need of spiritual, physical, emotional or economic support regardless of race or creed. All members have a respect for the life and the desire to help the child.

Some of the programs that the Christ Child is involved with are:

Layette Program, Bereavement Program, Hygiene Packs for Elementary School Students, Hygiene Backpacks for Homeless Students; Caps, Gloves and Mittens Program; Annual Christmas Giving and the Mentoring Program.

Key service projects underway are:

Elementary Hygiene – need travel size soaps, shampoos, conditioner, lotion, plus full size toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and wash cloth are assembled in hand sewn drawstring bags and given to 4th and 5th grade students at two Round Rock elementary schools. In 2015, the need is for 600 bags.

Hygiene Backpacks for Homeless Students – Homeless middle school students receive full size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, wash cloth and deodorant in opaque drawstring collaboration with Round Rock ISD families in the “Transition Program.” The 2015 need is for 355 backpacks.

Layettes – The Christ Child layettes consist of a hand sewn, knitted or crocheted baby blanket, hand sewn hooded towel and wash cloth, two receiving blankets, two onesies, two hand sewn burp cloths, a sleeper, socks, bib, cap, diapers, wipes and a book. Brochures on Shaken Baby Syndrome are included. Layettes are presented to needy newborns through the local pregnancy resource centers, hospitals and maternity homes. The 2015 need is for 1,000+ layettes.


Ms. Mary Q. Smith                                                                                   PO Box 5953                                                                                            Round Rock, TX 78683                                                                        512-864-2589                                                                                        

Mar 112015

On March 9, City of Round Rock Transportation Director, Gary Hudder spoke to Sertoma about the various transportation needs of the city and projects currently underway. Below you will find links to all of the city’s current projects, ongoing programs and projects they work on with its regional partners.

Current Projects

These projects have construction start and end dates; they are funded by sales tax dollars, the Transportation Development and Economic Fund and bond money.
All construction end dates are estimates. For more information about a particular project, please visit the individual project webpages.

Name Construction Start Date Construction End Date
Creek Bend Boulevard Extension April, 2015 July, 2016
Cypress Boulevard Realignment under construction March, 2015
Greenlawn Corridor Fencing under construction July, 2015
La Frontera Phase 2 April, 2015 October, 2015
Railroad Quiet Zones to be determined to be determined
Seton Parkway Phase 2 February, 2015 December, 2015
SWDT Phase 5A – Mays Street Improvements March, 2015 March, 2017
SWDT – San Saba Street and W. Liberty Avenue under construction April, 2015
University Boulevard Widening to be determined to be determined

 Ongoing Programs

These programs are ongoing for the enhancement and betterment of traffic flow.  Each fiscal year the programs are funded at different levels so the work under each program varies according to availability of funding.  Please visit the individual program webpages for more information.

Projects with Regional Partners

These projects are being constructed either by one of the city’s regional partners, Williamson County or Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), or in conjunction with the city of Round Rock.

Name Project Limits Agency
Diverging Diamond Interchange IH 35 and FM 1431 TxDOT
FM 3406 West TxDOT
IH 35 Ramp Reversals IH 35 between U.S. Hwy 79 and FM 3406 TxDOT
RM 620 Safety Improvements Project RM 620 from IH 35 to Deepwood Drive City of Round Rock and TxDOT
Engineering Analysis IH 35 from Sh 45 to FM 1431 Williamson County
IH 35 Regional Corridor Improvements IH 35 from San Marcos to Georgetown TxDOT
Operational Improvements U.S. Hwy 79 U.S. Hwy 79 at IH 35 TxDOT
Oct 212014

The 27th Annual Round Rock Sertoma Denim & Diamonds Casino Night and Robert Floyd Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament Announced!

Friday, November 7, 2014
Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock
1810 N County Road 122, Round Rock, TX 78665
6:30 p.m. dinner, 7:30 p.m. the gaming begins…
  • This year’s event will feature a wide variety of games including; blackjack, roulette, craps and the 2nd Annual Robert Floyd Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament.
  • The event will include participation of celebrity servers, from throughout the Central Texas area and incredible prizes to be had through both a raffle and live auction.
  •  You will also have an opportunity to meet representatives from this year’s beneficiary charities at: Blue Santa, Hope Alliance,  Brown Santa, and Just Because.

Click here to go to our ticket ordering page



Oct 142014



Hutto High School presents its 11th Annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony and Air Show on Friday November 7. The event is sponsored by a consortium of public and private organizations that devote time, talent and money to this extraordinary occasion, which continues to be one of the largest Veterans Day celebrations in Central Texas. School assemblies are at 9 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. Both are open to the public. The air show features approximately 20 vintage aircraft and a jumper will begin at 1:45 p.m.

The purpose of the Veterans Day event hosted by the Hutto ISD has been to educating pre-k to high school students about civic virtues such as service, honor, and sacrifice.

To win a ride in one of the vintage World War II aircraft, a drawing will be held during the 3rd quarter of the Hutto Hippo game vs. Waco University on October 31.

Residents and school children of Hutto in all likelihood will be able to step outside of their homes and schools and watch the planes fly overhead. Skydivers will descend at the high school’s practice football field. Also, the main hallway in the school will be transformed into a museum of tributes to veterans.

Tickets are $20 per person or $50 for 3 people. To purchase a ticket, go to: or call Paul Lister at 512/759-4700, ext. 6076 or buy a ticket during any Hutto Hippo home football game.

Come and show your appreciation for our retired, veterans and active duty servicemen and women.

Oct 142014


2014-10-14 10_43_40-Sertoma Articles - October 7 - Microsoft Word


County Commissioner Ron Morrison visited with Round Rock Sertoma members at the October 7 meeting. Commissioner Morrison spoke about roads, the environment, taxes and jobs that are impacting positively and negatively the growth of Williamson County.

Regarding the transportation and county roads the key highlights were:

  • The county has a $22 million budget;
  • The county is spending no bond money on developing new or improving county roads;
  • He expects the county Road & Bridge Tax to increase because of increasing traffic and need to move traffic and trucks to market;
  • Bond dollars will be spent on improving County Road 110 in the coming months;
  • It has taken 15 years to get O’Connor Road online and to connect to the Highway Toll 45;

Pertaining to environmental issues, the main points the Commissioner spoke about were:

  • The county is dealing with 50 different salamander species in the area which limits the use and access of land for development purposes;
  • The county has bought several hundred acres of land to limit the development of those areas that have been identified with “endangered species” like the salamander;
  • The county has recently bought land along highway  95 to protect the endangered species leading to Killeen;
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Williamson County has 75 parts per billion in particles of carbon, which is slightly above the regulated limit of 70 particles per billion – in an effort to protect the air;
  • The EPA has designated Williamson County as needing to achieve the goal of 60-70 parts per billion;

On the job creation front, the Commissioner addressed the following:

  • Tesla wanted to locate in the Hutto/Taylor area but decided to go to Nevada;
  • Tesla considered purchasing 800 acres of land;
  • Tesla would have employed approximately 6,500 people

The Commissioner addressed several other topics briefly such as:

  • The county has a AAA credit rating;
  • People may want lower taxes but because of increased activities and growth in the area, this has led to greater increases in property taxes;
  • The State of Texas mandates that the County fund indigent care which translates into about $5.6 million;
  • The county currently is paying about $700 per month per person for their health care.
Aug 262014

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Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of TyRex Company, John Bosch (pictured above, far right) honored the Round Rock Sertoma Club on August 12 for its mission to serve mankind. Walsh is the creator and founder of a non-profit organization with the purpose of fostering and encouraging more good deeds by founding “Recognize Good.” The Recognize Good Foundation created a new category to honor others – a service clubs category.

With the help of Recognize Good, PET Mobility Project in Round Rock has taken off and is serving more people in need. “PET” stands for Personal Mobility Transportation. Such a mode of transportation is a cart made for a child or adult who has lost the use of their legs and is unable to be mobile without such a vehicle. These carts are operated by using their arm strength to move the carts around. Many of these people overseas have lost the use of their legs due to war and polio. Adults can do their shopping as necessary and kids can go to school.

Since 1994, more than 44,000 PET carts have been built and distributed to people in 100 countries around the world. There are three workshops in the United States – one of which is in the Austin/Round Rock area, one in Africa, one in Australia and five new ones fixing to open up in the U.S.

2014-08-26 14_33_20-8.12.14-23 _ Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The PET carts are heavy duty in construction so they can withstand rough ground and terrain. Many of the PET carts built in the Austin/Round Rock workshop is given to people in the Austin/Round rock community as well as to people in Mexico, Honduras and India. The local PET workshop started building 10 of these vehicles on a monthly basis.

In 2010, the lease on the garage that the workshop was used had expired and the company that was leasing it to Austin/Round Rock PET Project needed the space for other business purposes. As a result, the number of built PETs declined to 5/month. Jon bosh associated with TyRex In 2012, the company invited the Austin/Round Rock PET Project to use the empty warehouse that the company has. Now, the Austin/Round Rock PET Project is able to build approximately 20 such vehicles per month.

At the end of the Sertoma Club meeting presentation, John Walsh presented the Sertoma Club with two PET vehicles which he acquired for the club with a license attached to each vehicle. There is available space on each vehicle, which the Sertoma Club can use to advertise or promote various causes.

Aug 262014

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On August 12, the Fort Hood 85th Civil Affairs Brigade partnered with the City of Round Rock and was honored for their service and partnership with the city. The President of the Round Rock Sertoma Club, Joe Schaefer presented the Fort Hood 85th Civil Affairs Brigade with a plaque of appreciation.

2014-08-26 14_30_24-8.12.14-12 _ Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The unit also presented Mayor Alan McGraw with a framed ceremonial black knife for his support of the brigade. The Mayor and the city have supported the brigade, many of its members residing in Round Rock and even taken tours of Fort Hood. The 85th Civil Affairs Brigade also marched in the Sertoma Round Rock 4th of July Parade. Master Sgt. Terangelo Davis said, “The community supports the military and this is our way of giving back.”